Maria’s Pastry Shop, Inc. stays true to its roots.  For over 50 years Maria’s has been known for baking an array of traditional, old-world Italian baked goods.  Each product is made from scratch using only the finest ingredients giving our customers the highest quality products enriched in old-world tradition.  Maria’s offers a variety of holiday specialties for you to enjoy and delight your taste buds.

Each year on March 19th, the Italians celebrate St. Joseph ’s Day.  St. Joseph ’s Day is a feast day in honor of St. Joseph , foster-father of Jesus and husband of Mary.  The most popular dessert eaten on this day is the St. Joseph Zeppole and Sfinge.  Light weight, deep fried dough, filled with either Italian custard or cannoli cream and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

During Easter, we bake grain pies filled with whole grain and ricotta, pizza rustica filled with Italian meats and cheeses giving you that savory taste and our traditional Easter bread, sweet dough bread decorated with whole colored eggs, sprinkles and frosting.

At Christmas, Maria’s offers a full-line of holiday specialties such as torrone, a hard almond nougat candy; struffoli, deep fried dough balls covered in honey and sprinkles; mostaccioli, diamond shaped chocolate covered spiced cookie, very popular throughout central and southern Italy for centuries; and many other decedent Christmas desserts.

We invite you to visit Maria’s to experience our old-world tradition and try the array of products we have to offer!